Well here we are at a new dawn – where instead of navigating traffic to get to a class we are inviting people to find time and space at home and navigate some new technology to join an online class using Zoom.

Zoom is an online conferencing platform which allows us as dancers to simulate as best we can right now (given social distancing restrictions), the group environment of one of our 5Rhythms classes.

So if you have signed up for an online class here’s what you need to know to make sure you can arrive on time and prepared.

The following instructions help you get prepared for your Zoom online class if you haven’t done it before.


Click this link

This will launch a browser window that will prompt you to download Zoom. 

Agree to the download. 

Install and launch Zoom. 

We use the terms ‘classes’, ‘groups’ or workshops but Zoom uses the term ‘meeting’ – that’s what you want to join – a 5Rhythm meeting! Zoom may not take you directly into the meeting the first time you install and launch. So you may need to close Zoom. 

Come back click the link again or sometimes it is better to find the Zoom ‘app’ on your computer and open it.


The way you access the meeting is with a unique meeting ID. This number (often 9 digits) is not a phone number but an access code. When you confirm an online class, you will be emailed an invitation to join a meeting with this unique ID number. You need to copy and paste it into the ‘join a meeting’ page and that will allow you access to the meeting.

Choose to use your computer audio and your camera. Then BOOM – suddenly you are in room of people ready to dance. You may be the first one there. You may be late and in a ‘waiting room’. Keep your video on and if your name is not clear you can update it name so everyone can see who you are and know who you are there.

There’s a lot more to say about the Zoom environment but for now it’s better you just dive in and dance with yourself and all the people in their rooms. Its VERY new for us too but fascinating and a little different. Can’t wait to dance with you virtually. Don’t expect us to be in room with a chandelier though!


Moving Esssence

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash
Thanks to Melanie Coolie for Tech advice