I love the warmth. Always have. My family came from Sri-Lanka. My genes are coded for being in the sunshine. Instead I find myself living in Woodend where winter is especially grey and cold. Every winter I ask myself if I would be happier moving to a warmer climate.

Over the years, as each winter has come and gone, I have come to understand why my path brought me here to this cold winter place. My yearning for sunshine and warmth parallels what I believe we become conditioned to do – always seek happiness and joy. Fun and good times. Winning not losing. Love without loss. Of course I would do that. I’m human after all. Its what we do.

If truth be told, I have never been interested in shallow, paint-over wallpaper, reality TV, shop-til-you drop joy.  I had some great teachers as a boy – I thank them for setting me on this path. No, the joy I seek is vast.  It includes sadness, fear, anger and frustration.  It’s the pure, natural, all-encompassing joy of being present in this moment.  

When I discovered the 5Rhythms I was relieved. To be part of a practice in a community that celebrates the wide landscape of Joy. I had found my people and a place where I could be myself.

If this kind of Joy interests you, come out and explore a day dancing our Winter Shine. We’ll move our bodies, get to know each other more and build a winter-love shelter and huddle together around the warm glow of our inside-out, full-joy expression.

David Juriansz
Moving Essence
Photo by Markus Spiske