Dear dancing friends,

In the month of July we invite you to join us in saying thank you and goodbye to Lisa Richards who has worked for Moving Essence for three and a half years. Her last dance with us in her role will be Tuesday July 31.

Many of you will know Lisa from the Tuesday night classes. Or Castlemaine. Or Woodend. Or the workshops she has produced. Her friendly smile and warm helpful manner has been a gift to our work and the community of dancers and teachers.

Serving the needs of a large community with diverse needs is a challenging job.

She has answered questions, cleaned toilets, managed registration, accommodation, promotion, cancellation, travel, finance, wordpress, mailchimp and of course, lost property retrieval. Sometimes she has handled the most bizarre requests – “can I twirl fire sticks whilst dancing in the hall?”

It’s hard for us to imagine working with someone else. She has done so much and helped Moving Essence become a more balanced organisation.

The miracle is – how she has managed this? We certainly don’t think it’s easy working for a crazy, creative couple who often find it hard to say no. Who have had to create much of what they do by learning through trial and error, in a unique and expanding field. Together we have worked hard to improve our organisational habits. Seeking ease, care, clarity and boundaries has become our pursuit of excellence, in the name of the true meaning of ‘conscious’ movement.

Our work has been unconventional. Kitchen table meetings, kid pickups, shared shopping, meals and stay-overs – so we have got to know each other as friends connected by our small town. This won’t change.

But as our work relationship draws to an end, Lisa and Moving Essence know this change comes at the right time. We met Lisa as a dancer and she has a great love of the practice she has been in service to. We’re reassured to know that Lisa felt the call to change soon after the Depth of Clarity Workshop in May.

Lisa came to work with us bringing wonderful organisational skills and a passion for community development. She’ll be seeking new adventures in our local area and hopefully giving time to develop her artistic soul. Yes to that!

We are both pretty sure that the dance floor is a good place to help with riding the wave of change. So we’ll look forward to Lisa dancing with us, without her work hat on.

I don’t think its possible to imagine a more capable, thoughtful and caring soul. We will miss you Lisa.

Thanks for all you have done for Moving Essence.

With love and good wishes

David and Meredith