Several years ago I got into the writing of Stephanie Dowrick. I started with Intimacy and Solitude and read several of her other works. I found her words incredibly soothing. I recall one long train trip from London to Edinburgh where I was reading one of her books and taking wisdom notes in my journal.

One of the things she said, I remember very well. I don’t have access to this as as a quote, but for me this is often better because the meaning is more embedded within me. She referred to the fact that as humans, we need to practice letting go. Holding on comes naturally, this is not difficult for us so therefore, we don’t need to practice this. It struck me so much – I started to write a song about it – but never finished it. Ha ha…there you go – I’m practicing letting go.

A month ago when I was thinking about running one of my favourite workshops – Transitions, I spotted this lone brown leaf our back yard tree. I stared at it for so long and eventually had to take a photo. I was struck by both the simplicity of the image – a mid October Spring tree, dead leaves gone, nearly ALL green and new and with just one brown leaf still clinging on to a branch.

I take SO long to let go. If I was a leaf I would be the last to fall.

David Juriansz

I thought…’That leaf is me!’ Really. I take SO long to let go. If I was a leaf I would be the last to fall. Letting go does not come easy to me which is why so many years ago, Stephanie’s words rang true and I have remembered that letting go is something I have to practice.

Discovering the 5Rhythms practice a decade ago was a wonderful thing for me because in the midpoint of the map there is the opportunity to practice letting go. To move with the motion of surrender. To embody release. This became a good practice for me and I believe, a great practice for our times.

If you are wondering what is the Transitions workshop about, there is a part answer here. We will explore more deeply on the dancefloor and as a group inquiry the question ‘What is it time to let go of?’ Because it is this process that aids us in beginning transition. We start with and ending.

Its important to remember too that there is no prize for letting go early nor punishment for letting go late. I love that about nature – everything happens in its own good time.

When I last checked, the last leaf had gone. I never saw it fall but its time had come.

So if you feel your time is coming, you are in need of change or just willing to dance with the idea that something needs to change, come and dance your transition. Or at least, think of that leaf.

David Juriansz
November 2019