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“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance”

Alan Watts

Attending an Online Moving Essence Class

After 15 years of dancing 5Rhythms in different communities all over the world we find ourselves at a new dawn, where we meet online to create a shared space.  We all dance in our own homes & technology brings us together to create a truly unique shared dance environment.


The technology we use to meet is called  Zoom which an online conferencing platform which allows us as dancers to simulate (given social distancing restrictions), the group environment of one of our 5Rhythms classes.

So if you have signed up for an online class but HAVE NEVER USED ZOOM BEFORE this information will help you get organised in advance.


Click this link https://zoom.us/download

This will launch a browser window that will prompt you to download Zoom.

Agree to the download then install and launch Zoom.

Zoom may not take you directly into the meeting the first time you install and launch. So you may need to close Zoom.

Come back, click the link again or sometimes it is better to find the Zoom ‘app’ on your computer & open it.


We use the terms ‘classes’, ‘groups’ or workshops but Zoom uses the term ‘meeting’ – that’s what you want to join – a 5Rhythms meeting!

The way you access the meeting is with a unique meeting ID. This number (often 9 digits) is not a phone number but an access code. When you confirm an online class, you will be emailed an invitation to join a meeting with this unique ID number. You need to copy & paste it into the ‘join a meeting’ page and that will allow you access to the meeting.

Choose to use your computer audio & your camera. Then BOOM – suddenly you are in room of people ready to dance. You may be the first one there.  We use a ‘waiting room’ and you’ll be admitted from there. Keep your video on and if your name is not clear you can click the three dots in the top right hand corner of your individual video ‘window’ and update your name so everyone can see who you are and know who you are there.


All our online classes offer 15 minutes of ‘Tech-time” to help newcomers get their video & audio organised.  We can explain about the different views available, how you send a message on chat to the person who is in the role of ‘Tech-support’ in every group.  We do that so the teacher can focus on offering the group good music & facilitation so issues with sound & video are handled by someone else.

There’s a lot more to say about the Zoom environment but for now it’s better you just dive in to dance with yourself & all the people in their rooms. 


Guidelines for Online Classes

  • Please commit to moving in silence. This is a moving meditation practice.  Even though your computer will be muted, the act of chatting or talking with others in your space is distracting to others who are witnessing the group on-screen.   

  • Please avoid using mobile phones or any extra technology whilst the dance is on.  One screen is enough!

  • Our classes are offered as a drug & alcohol free dance – please respect this..

  • Please come on time. Class entry opens 15 minutes before starting. New participants will not be able to join ½ hour after class starts.  If you were already in the group & your Zoom connection drops out that is different – please rejoin the group. 

  • Pace yourself. Be responsible for your own wellbeing. Go gently with any injuries you may have & go at a manageable intensity. If you need to leave early, please send a message in the chat or wave goodbye.   Moving on the floor or on a chair is fine.

  • Wear loose comfortable layers & please keep clothes on even if you are hot.

  • If you join with a partner please save kissing or sexual engagement for after the dance.  Even though it’s your own home, for the time of the class it is a shared space so we ask that you lose yourself to dance, not romance.

Happy Dancers

The 5R philosophy and practice has had a profound effect on how I show up in the world.  I am more centered and connected with myself and others.  For me, this extends back 16 years.  Meredith and David, expressing and sharing the rhythms of life with passion and skill.  To both of them I am truly grateful.

Carl Quinsee

I have been a 5Rhythms dancer for the last 10 years. Words cannot convey how much joy, self-love and healing I have experienced through this movement meditation practice.
I experienced true freedom for the first time in my life. Freedom from judgement of others & freedom to move my body with intuition and curiosity.
Thank you David and Meredith for this precious gift.
GypZy Szworak

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