Dear Dancing Australian Tribes,

I look forward to being with you in September. This will be my third visit and all I can say is I love the depth and calibre of the work that takes place on Australian land, as much as the hearty joy.

In Melbourne I will be offering GRACE. A body of work that has emerged from the hard times it seems everyone I know and don’t know is moving with. The harshness of what is being asked of us, the pain we have to traverse to be awoke, and within that the soft beauty of kindness that can be mined through the edge places where rock meets moss and river.

In our time together we will call up some of the moments that have have had an impact; some of the game changers. The tiny ones, the medium ones, the mahoosive ones.  We will also consciously and kindly call on some of these experiences so as to move with them and live with them in different ways. To drop into the creative landscape to help us unwind them and see them with clear sight.

To change some of our perspectives, to allow our innate intelligence to help us re-calibrate, so that the essence of grace can meet us and guide us forward into grace space.

May you and yours be well until we meet in the great laboratory of the dance.

With Love,



A 5Rhythms® Workshop with Kate Shela​
14 – 16 September, St Brigid’s Hall, North Fitzroy
Early Bird to 3 Aug $295
Full $340
Contact: Lisa Richards 5Rhythms@movingessence.com or 0413 136 192 (weekdays only please)
Bookings: Grace Workshop

Working Deep: The Longer Workshop Experience

Kate talks about why workshops, as a longer exploration of the 5Rhythms, have something to offer beyond weekly classes: