Heartbeat®is a prerequisite for the 5 day Cycles Workshop with Tammy Burstein from New York.  Heartbeat workshops have been offered here in Australia at least a couple of times a year for the last decade.  Different teachers offer the work under different workshop names.  There is a large proportion of the Australian 5Rhythms dancing community that have done a heartbeat workshop.  However If you are not sure – please contact us at 5Rhythms@movingessence.com to check.

If you haven’t done a heartbeat workshop and want to do Cycles you have a couple of options.  Tammy will run a Heartbeat weekend workshop called Faint of Heart in Sydney from Feb 15-17.  This is the best way to do the work – allow time for it.  For more info about this workshop, visit the Facebook Event or contact one of the the producers – Michelle Mahrer on mmahrer@bigpond.net.au 

Meredith Davies will also offer a one day Heartbeat intensive in Melbourne on Tuesday 19th February – the day before the Cycles Workshop.  People wishing to do this AND the Cycles workshop will receive a discounted price on the Heartbeat Day.  There is also the option to do the Heartbeat Day Intensive and not do the Cycles Workshop.

Heartbeat Day Intensive

11am – 5pm on Tuesday 19th February

St Brigids Parish Hall, 378 Nicholson Street Fitzroy Nth

Two Options and Cost:

$95 for people who register for Cycles – click this link and register on the Cycles booking page.

$120 Heartbeat Day Intensive only – click this link to register

For more information about what Heartbeat is, where it fits into the 5Rhythms Maps (the Medicine Mandala image) and why heartbeat is asked for – please read the description below.

Why we ask that people have done a Heartbeat® before the Cycles Workshop?

The 5Rhythms are a wholistic cosmology for understanding life.

They are so much more than just a dance practice!

Life begins and ends with our most fundamental truth – we are born and we live in a human body. It recognises that as humans we experience life physically, emotionally, mentally, socially (hopefully soulfully) and spiritually.

The 5Rhythms ‘Maps’ align with each of these areas:

Flowing – Waves – Body

Staccato – Heartbeat – Emotions

Chaos – Cycles (family story) – Mental

Lyrical – Mirrors – Soulful & Social

Stillness – Naked Soul – Spiritual & Universal

Waves classes and workshops are rooted in Flow and connect us with all things of the body. How we are in our bodies, how we walk. How we eat. How our digestion is. How we move about in the world. How we care for our physicality.

Waves classes and workshops are body movement focused… they are the starting place and foundational bones of this practice. In Waves classes (like Tuesday nights) and workshops, we dance the 5Rhythms Wave time and time again so that we deepen our capacity to be fluid, grounded and present human beings. This is powerful and essential medicine in a relatively head driven and at times chaotic world.

Heartbeat classes and workshops tap into Staccato energy and connect us with all things of the emotions as felt in the body. As modern life demands so much from us, there is often little time and space to attend to our emotional world. This practice can be a life changer. Heartbeat work enables us to claim the vital energy of old unacknowledged feelings and be surprised and refreshed by new ones. We learn to “lean in” and not resist or indulge our emotional world. Instead we foster acceptance and respect for the energy that each emotion gifts us. Moving with and through Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy and Compassion is heart opening and empowering work.

Heartbeat is a requirement if one is going to go on and explore the third level of the work – Cycles. This is because, when we explore our major life stages and family relationships – it’s inevitable that we will also feel some strong emotions. Being familiar with embodying and moving with these emotions is essential if we are going to grow from the experience.

When we are pushing to do more or struggling with being fluid or grounded with an emotion, this can look like – Freezing, Resisting, Fleeing, Spacing out or becoming Numb. Knowing you can stay aware, grounded and fluid whilst dancing on your emotional edge is really important for your personal growth, not to mention your safety and the wellbeing of those around you. This is taking responsibility for your emotional body – why Heartbeat is a prerequisite for Cycles.

By Meredith Davies, 5Rhythms Heartbeat Teacher, Melbourne