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Online Class (your location)


Online Class (your location)


31 Mar 20


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Weekly class

Virtual Tidal Wave

Welcome dancers.  Bookings stay open until the start time.  If you miss this deadline please use the ‘11th hour‘ telephone booking service.

Ring 03 5427 4654

We can take card payments over the phone for half an hour after the class starts.

Tuesday Tidal Wave (formerly Tuesday Tsunami) is Melbourne’s longest running 5Rhythms class & will continue online in response to Social Distancing Requirements welcoming first timers and long-timers into this new format. The class begins with dancing a warm up 5Rhythms Wave, followed by some guidance and teaching, then another Wave dance before the group gathers to close.

We encourage locals to continue with your Tuesday dance routine.  Regular dancers – think of it as simply a change of venue – from St Brigids Hall to your own place.  Newcomers – it’s easy to get to – you don’t even have to leave home.

Dancers from all around Australia are welcome to join.   Our digital streaming license allows us to offer this class to people in Australia.  If you live outside Australia and want to attend one of our online classes please contact us to find out which class is best to attend.

To join this online 5Rhythms class you will need:

1.    An electronic device such as a desktop or laptop computer or tablet.  A smartphone will work if it has the features below but is the least preferred option.

2.    Your device should have a microphone and camera. The built-in ones are fine.

3.    Make a connection from that device to either external speakers (via the headphone jack) or wireless earbuds (e.g bluetooth).  If you need to use headphones on a cable that’s OK but will limit how far from your device you can move.  If you don’t have external speakers or earbuds, your device’s speakers will work fine, the music will not be as amplified that’s all.

4.    Register using the form below. We can’t offer ‘drop-in’ for an online class and there are limited places so that we can feel some connection as an online group.

5.    Download the Zoom Application onto your device. This is virtual meeting room with lots of ‘real-life’ features. Go to ZOOM FREE DOWNLOAD.

Choose and set up a dancing space for yourself.  Somewhere you will feel private and comfortable moving uninterrupted for 2 hours.  Tell your family or housemates what you are doing.  Make the floor safe (if you step on a piece of LEGO your dance will end painfully early).  Do what you can to make it a calming and welcoming space for you.  But hey…we are living through a pandemic – if your life and home is in chaos – then push all the crap to the sides of the room – clear 4 square metres  – take a few breaths and you are ready to begin.

If you wish to join with kids and pets and you think this will not be disruptive for you and the group, other beings in your household are also welcome to join.  However we ask that you don’t share your login with others without communicating with us first.

Half an hour before the class starts Moving Essence will email you the Zoom link and a Meeting ID password – this is your only way to access the class.  Please check your spam filters (your promotions folder or add us to contacts) to ensure they are set to receive mail from Moving Essence.

15 minutes before the advertised time, we will open the class for people who have never used Zoom before.

When the class starts, you will enter hearing music.  Once the class has begun, please resolve any sound issues on your device yourself. Sometimes it helps to leave the meeting and re-enter. Once you have started the class, you will always be re-admitted if technology drops you out.  You can always send a private message about sound or video issues chat to the person who is the Co-host (Tech).

There is also a 30-minute grace period after the advertised class time for those who are running late.  After that time you won’t be able to join as it becomes too distracting. If you booked and miss attending, we can either refund you or register you for the next class.

If you are coming to a 5Rhythms class for the the first time, please read our Online Class Guidelines.

Thanks for joining us as we embrace the online format with curiosity, dancing together in this new socially distant (yet virtually connected) space…

Love and new dances

Moving Essence


Hourly Schedule

Virtual Tidal Wave

7:45pm - 8:00pm
Early entry
For Tech check
8:00pm -
Class begins
Online bookings close
8:30pm -
Late enty closes
Phone bookings close. No new admissions after this time
9:45pm - 10:00pm
Closing circle