WXYZ Studios


WXYZ Studios
130 Dryburgh St, North Melbourne VIC 3051


28 Jul 19


10:30 am - 5:00 pm


$75 or $85 (at door)



Shine ~ 5Rhythms Lyrical Light Waves

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo Picasso

When do you shine the most?

For me, it’s those precious moments when I am unencumbered by judgement. With a group of friends, singing old pop songs late at night at the top of my voice, I am blissfully unconcerned of what others will think or say. Lost in the joy of the moment, the love of pure creative experience. Why are these moments so rare?

Perhaps, like me, you become self-conscious? Think too much? Work too hard? Take life too seriously, carrying responsibility like a heavy weight?

Take a day out & surf the Lyrical Light Waves with me. We’ll follow our joy, take risks, and embrace the unexpected with a sense of curiosity. We’ll shine brightly and dance with our shadows, experiencing a fullness of joy that doesn’t wallpaper over the cracks. You’ll improvise, expand your comfort zone, dance authentically and feel lighter for it. The 5Rhythms are a map to freedom that Gabrielle Roth calls “the DNA of the creative process”. Come dance, create and collaborate. Be the artist that never grows up.

David Juriansz is a musician, performer and embodied dancer with a passion for teaching the 5Rhythms.  His unique style connects the world of sound and movement to the dance of everyday life.  Dancing his weekly Melbourne ‘Tsunami Wave’ is a wondrous experience – a catalytic, high-energy journey for a hundred dancers. David’s teaching captivates newcomers whilst also providing a deep, healing space for long-time conscious dancers. With a big heart & a generous dose of humour, he will lead you gently to your growing edge.


You can arrive at 10:15 to purchase tickets at the door.  Doors open until 11am only.

WXYZ Studios – 130 Dryburgh St North Melbourne

For more info: 5Rhythms@movingessence.com or 0409 992 656

Facebook: Visit the Moving Essence Page or Event Shine 5Rhythms Lyrical Light Waves

Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms are taught all over the world and Moving Essence started the first weekly classes in Melbourne 17 years ago.