Online Class (your location)


Online Class (your location)


22 Jun 21


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




Special event,
Weekly class

Simulcast: Light Waves Online

Tuesday 5Rhythms has returned to the beautiful St Brigids hall in Fitzroy North, Melbourne.  We are offering two back-to-back on-site classes whilst Covid-restrictions remain in place.
We continue to offer online classes FROM THE LOCATION to replace the regular Tuesday Online classes that were offered during Victoria’s long lockdown.
This will be a Tuesday night dance-at-home-with-a-difference.  Online dancers can dance the Light Waves class, streamed from St Brigid’s hall via a phone-hotspot.  Cross your fingers and dancing toes for good connection.
a) After booking, click on the link to join – the class runs from 5:45pm until 7:30pm
b) The Moving Essence camera is focused on the class teachers, not the group in the hall
c) Facilitation is offered to hall group (Zoom dancers adapt their own home practice)
d) When the wave in the hall ends, the onsite group will gather for closing
e) Zoom dancers can either log out or stay in the the zoom room to chat with their fellow online dancers
The teacher will make one of the online dance regulars a co-host and MAY join the meet-up depending on how much post-class activity there is in the hall.
To join this online 5Rhythms class you will need:
1.    An electronic device such as a desktop or laptop computer or tablet.  A smartphone will work if it has the features below but is the least preferred option.
2.    Download the Zoom Application onto your device. This is virtual meeting room with lots of ‘real-life’ features. Go to ZOOM FREE DOWNLOAD.  You can also join from your browser.
3.    Let zoom access your microphone and camera. The built-in ones are fine.
4.    Make a connection from that device to either external speakers (via the headphone jack) or wireless earbuds (e.g bluetooth).  If you need to use headphones on a cable that’s OK but will limit how far from your device you can move.  If you don’t have external speakers or earbuds, your device’s speakers will work fine, the music will not be as amplified that’s all.
5.    Register for the class below.  After booking you will see a link (which is also emailed to you) which you you click on to launch zoom and access the class.
Choose and set up a dancing space for yourself, somewhere you will feel private and comfortable moving uninterrupted for 1.5 hours.
If you wish to join with kids and pets and you think this will not be disruptive for you and the group, other beings in your household are also welcome to join.  However we ask that you don’t share your login with others without communicating with us first.
When the class starts, you will enter hearing music.  Once the class has begun, please resolve any sound issues on your device yourself. Sometimes it helps to leave the meeting and re-enter.
Once you have started the class, you will always be re-admitted if technology drops you out.  You can always send a private message about sound or video issues, or chat to the person who is the Co-host.
If you are coming to a 5Rhythms class for the the first time, please read our Online Class Guidelines.
Wishing you well for your home-dance practice.
Moving Essence

Hourly Schedule

Light Waves Online

5:45pm - 6:00pm
Early entry
Whilst on-site class is arriving
6:00pm -
Class begins
Online bookings close
7:20pm -
Wave ends
Closing circle for on-site class
9:30pm -
Online class closes

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Full wage ($20)
Available Tickets: 50
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Low wage ($15)
Available Tickets: 50
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