Dear Dancing Friends,

Some mornings I open my computer, click on Facebook within a couple of minutes I am overwhelmed by the self published ‘news’ that is flooding in from all corners of the globe.  Fellow humans writing to the world – with their complaints, apologies, cries-for-help, epiphanies, endorsements and commitments.

There is the occasional gem and always another funny ‘cat video’.  But most times it’s like cable TV in a cheap motel room  – 300 channels and nothing worth watching.

I’m of the vintage and old fashioned enough to be able to say ‘life is not meant to be that complicated’.

How did modern human get like this?  We have so much – yet so many people seem so unfulfilled?

Dancing with questions like these for many years became the impetus for this workshop.  It is there in the title – the Depth of Clarity.

Thankfully, (hopefully?) we all know the feeling of clarity.  It’s a BODY feeling – one of the best states to be in.  I experience it as alignment, potency, truth and it comes with a depth that connects me with a spiritual experience of being a human.  It is a sacred feeling.

The dance floor is a great place to find clarity.

So let’s not complicate things further.  If you are reading this and it calls you – act.

Act within a week and you’ll also pay a bit less as the Early Bird ends on 27th April.

Looking forward to dancing and learning together for a weekend.

Thank you Giselle, Narelle and Greg – who participated in the last workshop and have shared their words about the experience below.

Come join us May 11-13th.


The Depth of Clarity Workshop with David had the perfect balance of freedom and structure in that I was taken deeply into that place of discovering what matters to me most during the experience. Since the workshop I have found the dance of “should I/shouldn’t I” had subsided significantly and replaced with clarity around what I most desire and steadiness in following my intuition. 
Giselle Di Paolo
5Rhythms Dancer for 12 years

I attended the Depth of Clarity workshop in Brisbane in 2017 and it was the catalyst for a surge of creativity and personal insight in my life. David held the space with his characteristic warmth, compassion, humour, and wizardry with music. It was a wonderful opportunity to experience an intimate intensive of the teaching that inspires the wildly popular Tsunami class.
Narelle Hill
5R dancer for 9 years

Any 5R workshop allows the dancer to fully immerse in what is being offered and to make meaningful connection with the other participants. I flew to Brisbane last May to be a part of David’s ‘Depth of Clarity’ workshop and found his teaching to be engaging, thought provoking and a whole lot of fun. It set me up for a year of chasing dance workshops which have completely freed up my way of looking at and being in ‘life’.
Greg Holledge

Melbourne Classes

Classes held at St Brigid’s Parish Hall,
278 Nicholson St. North Fitzroy.

19th April – Unexpected Waves
7 – 9pm
$20 cash or card

Next Sunday Sweat
29th April – Sweat Your Prayers with David & Meredith, Preston City Hall

284 Gower Street, Preston
10.00am – 12.00pm
$20 cash or card

Regional Classes

20th April – Castlemaine 5Rhythms with David
St Mary’s Hall, 1/78 Hargraves St, Castlemaine
6.00 – 7.30pm
$20/$15 Cash only

Workshops 2018

Depth of Clarity – A 5Rhythms Waves Workshop with David Juriansz
11 – 13 May 2018
St Brigid’s Hall, Fitzroy
Early Bird EXTENDED to 27th April – $275

To see all classes, visit our Events page