Covid-Safe Dance

with Moving Essence

David & Meredith

Moving Essence COVIDSafe

Last Updated Nov 22, 2021

Following the November 18 easing of restrictions, we are able to re-open and resume indoor, in-person classes with the necessary adjustments aligning with current Victorian Government Public Health Orders.

It is unfortunate yes, but the law has mandated that some people cannot attend. This is a painful reality and we have tried to outline below how we plan to navigate this difficult & divisive time until it ends.

Service Victoria Check-in!
Please scan the QR code to check-in and register your attendance at a Moving Essence Class. We do not hold this register so you will need to do this each week for every class you attend.

The vexed double vaxxed issue
For now, Moving Essence in-person classes can only offer to people (aged 12 and over) who are fully vaccinated unless a lawful exemption applies.

This is in accordance with Victorian Government Directions. This State’s response to living as normally as we can during a global health pandemic.

Dancers will be asked to show their vaccination status when checking-in for classes. If you do not have a smartphone, you can bring and show your certificate once and we will invite you to self register. You will still need to record your attendance via the Service Victoria check in.

For people who have chosen to not vaccinate or who are partially vaccinated we recognise the unfairness of this situation. It is a policy that we do not agree with, but we are dance teachers and not public health experts so we can’t claim to have a better plan. We are also confident that this will only be temporary. Until this unfortunate situation changes we will try to include those excluded by vaccination status by:

  • Offering access to join classes online and connect with the community in a ‘hybrid’ way
  • Providing free dance-at-home resources
  • Supporting anyone who wants to self-organise dance gatherings in outdoor spaces
  • Inviting open dialogue with dancers affected, to try minimise the harm caused by the division

Staying well to dance
Please don’t attend Moving Essence classes if:

  • you feel unwell or if you are displaying any of the COVID-19 symptoms
  • you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 10 days or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test
  • you are required to quarantine or self-isolate by the DHHS.
  • you have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 10 days.

Number limits
Number limits have been removed from indoor settings so we ask that you maintain physical distance (1.5 meters) away from anyone you don’t live with whenever possible.

Now we are in the warmer months we encourage all pre & post class socialising to happen outside.

Masks and dance classes
Face masks are no longer required indoors.  However you must carry a mask at all times and wear one when physical distancing is not possible.

Please feel free to wear a face mask on the dance floor, knowing that you can drop it down under your chin when you are exerting yourself in the dance and put it back on when your breath has settled.

Please respect that some people will wear masks while dancing whole others wont.

Please use the hand sanitiser we provide.  If you sneeze or cough, please do it into your elbow or a tissue.

We recommend that dancers bring their own water bottle.

Lost property
Our old system of storing and helping people retrieve their lost property is significantly compromised by the Covid situation. You MUST take responsibility for collecting your belongings at the end of each session. We will store valuables like wallets, phones & keys but cannot promise to store abandoned, sweaty clothes.  If left at the hall, venue cleaners may dispose of them.

We can offer contactless payment methods or online registration for our classes. For weekly classes, there is no need to book, just pay card or cash as you enter.

This is a very challenging and divisive time. We are doing our best to navigate these stormy waters.

Please respect the guidelines above and please respect us and our staff who will be doing our best to offer dance classes which consider the safety and welfare of those who attend (and those who cannot).

We are asking everyone to play their part so we can all look after one another in this extremely challenging time.  If we feel like we don’t have that shared support and understanding of the guidelines, we have the right to deny entry or ask someone to leave.

Private Register

If you do not have a smart phone you can register as a vaccinated dancer here