The 5Rhythms

“If you just set people in motion they will heal themselves.”

Gabrielle Roth

Developed by American artist, theatre director, musician and writer Gabrielle Roth (1941 – 2012)   The 5Rhythms® are Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical & Stillness. As a practice they are called a Wave.



In Flowing you listen to your body with an inward focus. Respecting your own energy and encouraging movement with fluidity, continuity, and breath.  You follow your feet, trusting this first essential feminine rhythm.

As the music builds, you gather the energy you need to express. In Staccato you move outwards with clarity, definition & purpose. Percussive, directional, goal oriented movement. Staccato is a masculine rhythm.

In Chaos you meet complexity and surrender to it in dance. You practice softening and shaking out.  Letting go of what you can’t control and resting in the beat.  Your movement is releasing and you let go of your head

It begins to lighten up in Lyrical. You dance to re-discover an inner essence that was obscured by mental distress and distraction.  Moving with spaciousness, spontaneity and a fuller expression of your true self.

In Stillness you move with the empty space that is felt both inside and outside of us. You begin to distill your dance with a heightened sense of awareness and presence, often feeling a sense of wonder and awe.

Together the 5Rhythms are both a dynamic moving meditation practice and a cosmology of life, work and relationships.  To learn more about Gabrielle Roth and this amazing body of work visit 5Rhythms Global.

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