In 2004, Both David and I danced and played music at the launch of the first Kingfisher festival at CERES.  At the time, we were living in Clifton Hill and our dear friend and now, colleague, Thaïs Sansom was working there as an environment and arts educator. All of us were in our 20’s…doing our thing; dancing, drumming, writing songs, and celebrating our love of community, ritual and the environment.

We’re delighted that the Kingfisher festival is still going today. It’s still a celebration, we’re just 25 years older. So are the hundreds of local trees shrubs and grasses planted … as part of the regeneration work of CERES. The Kingfisher festival is the celebration of this care and regeneration, All that planting and cleaning up of this disused site, years ago, meant that the Kingfisher bird returned to nest and breed again in their natural environment on the Merri Creek. As tribute to the power of this local community this was the birth of the Kingfisher Festival.

We love the ‘down to earth’ feel of this festival. It’s respect of the land and it’s local people…

We love the ‘down to earth’ feel of this festival. It’s respect of the land and it’s local people, it’s welcoming family friendly vibe and it’s rich celebration using dance, music, puppetry, storytelling and ritual. Old friends, Ian Hunter, Wurundjeri elder will be there, as well as Jacqui Dressens, director of Wild Moves International and of course, Thaïs. These are just some of the original people behind the creation of the Kingfisher festival.

So, we invite you to come along and celebrate the Kingfisher Festival’s 25th Birthday!

Sunday November 10th 2019
2.30pm – 5pm  CERES Park

If you are interested in dancing in the festival ritual, please wear – blue/green and come early on the day for a rehearsal at 1.30pm at the Village Green CERES. Please RING Thais to confirm you’re performing on 0424 661 808