“We are the installation makers!”

– Anna Du Ve, 26/7/16


At any 5Rhythms class around the world, you are likely to see a small collection of deliberately arranged objects at the edge of the dance floor . A cloth, perhaps a candle, some feathers or shells, a mandala, some fairy lights, a statue or perhaps a collection of words on paper might draw your attention as you move to the music. These seemingly simple objects are powerfully transformative: their presence turns an ordinary room into a special, sacred place.


Whether you name it an altar or an installation or simply a meditation focus, the presence of this arrangement allows us to forget our outer skins when we dance. We are no longer just grooving barefoot in an old church hall that smells faintly of socks and floor polish. Instead, the room is a sanctuary where we can travel inward and explore what is happening in our inner space; where we can offer our authentic, truthful self to the wider world.

But who are the quiet souls who help make this magic happen?

You don’t have to be an artist in other realms of your life to create a 5Rhythms installation. All that is required is the willingness to offer something from the heart. At Moving Essence 5 Rhythms, the installation or altar is a visual, poetic, integral part of our dance practice. Installations at our classes and workshops can be expansive and extraordinary, or very simple with zen-like minimalism.

I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t an artist. It would be as unthinkable as meeting somebody who didn’t have a soul. – Gabrielle Roth.

We are immensely grateful to those who have over the years generously added their time, passion and creative touch to our classes and workshops. There have been so many memorable art offerings gracing our dances, along with countless small visual wonders that have supported us week in and week out as we continue to just show up with what we’ve got.

If you are willing to dive into your imagination and be lyrical in your spontaneity, then we would like to hear from you. We can offer you in exchange a Tuesday dance, a creative challenge, exposure to a willing and receptive audience, and gratitude from your community. Practically, we have a variety of supplies stored at the hall. You need to be available on Tuesdays to set up from 5pm. The installation should take no more than 50 minutes to set up and take down. Class themes are usually worked out at the last minute, so you are encouraged to move from your own inspiration. Remember: Simple ideas are often the most powerful.

5 ways the installation serves our practice:

  • Inspiration for teacher & dancers
  • Support by providing a wordless experience of the 5R
  • Focus for the “now what?” moments that can happen on the dance floor
  • Refuge – a safe place for expressing the heart
  • Medicine for the soul

If you are interested, please contact: Mark Edney, Moving Essence Site Coordinator on markedneymovingessence@gmail.com or call: 0418 206 943

(photos – Nat Morris preparing an installation for a one-off dance event in 2015, and this week’s installation on the theme Medicine of Stillness by Anna Du Ve).