The first time I offered a Transitions workshop in Melbourne was 18 months ago. Back then it was Autumn. This time it’s Spring.

I read and was deeply moved by Renee’s personal post-workshop words. Thank you Renee. They are generous and so enlivened. I’m right back there. I remember the Sunday night feeling too.

I begin to refill with gratitude with these memories and start to open up to the excitement of recommencing such a journey, this time with a new group, in a new place – our first workshop in Castlemaine.

A week to go, I’m preparing to get into that space again. ‘Climbing into the chute’ one of my teachers used to call it. I love that image. The bobsled rider prepares to surrender to the ‘drop’ – the irresistible force of gravity with minimal resistance. Oh if only we could be so ‘resistance-free’.

I have been teaching for 5 years now and it has surely flown by at bobsled speed. With new people coming all the time, I am constantly introducing, then re-introducing people to this incredible map of the 5Rhythms. It often becomes (especially in the Tsunami Wave) a fast and furious ride through very rich terrain. Wonderful, but gone so very quickly…

In classes, over an over again, I find myself re-examining that mid-point of the wave, chaos – the letting go. Plus…in the loving post-class space, why can’t I hold on to that “10pm post dance feeling?”

Over the years I’ve been looking at this incredible map of the 5Rhythms from so many angles.

The Transition’s workshop is a rare chance to slow down a little and take a bit more time to examine it in a different way. In this journey, I want to explore endings that become, of course, new beginnings. Plus the bit no one wants to talk about – is the uncomfortable in-between.

In truth, I feel like I know that place really well. The joking cry around our place, a home of two Rhythms teachers is ‘Awwww…C’mon, WHEN IS my life going to get to lyrical?

We recently went away – a big family adventure. Took a break. We left our classes, home, familiar patterns – a period I described as ‘a little letting go’. Amidst this, there was one part of me that couldn’t quite comprehend or describe the restlessness I felt inside. So I just went with it. Yes – you escape for a little while. Go with the flow. Unsure how to handle the feelings…try to relax…forget about it all. Its fine, its normal, I’m normal. We all do it.

Then before you know it, the holiday is over. You’re back – in your normal circumstances. Things have ‘apparently’ changed around you. You did it. You’re grateful. You let go didn’t you? All the external evidence points to that. But something hasn’t changed.

Next stage…for me – typically – I feel guilty. Here’s the voice. ‘What are you seeking? You teach a gorgeous movement practice you love. Have a wonderful wife you adore. Two kids who seem to be thriving. What’s wrong with you Juriansz – why are you so restless? Can’t you just be happy with what you have? That’s my staccato analysis. The judge. The harsh critic. Oh here we go again…

Back in the cycle…here I am again – in chaos. In the ‘transition zone’ – something has been shifting in me but I don’t know what it is. It’s not unhappiness it’s a yearning. It is out there in the world and I’m resonating with it. It is so many songs, the lyrics, chord changes and melodies that move me to tears. Great art taps into this – the mystery. Is there more than this? This is a place where there are no rational answers to these questions – because the experience is not rational. It’s not logical.

However it is felt. It is sensed. It is real and it can be trusted.

I struggled with this restlessness, this internal chaos so much in my 20’s and 30’s and suffered great discomfort when I tried to rationalise it. Think it and talk about it. So many hours in conversations going round and round all washed down with wine. Wine and whine.

The greatest gift I have received from the dance, from Gabrielle’s work has been to soften, be patient and simply open up to receive when I’m in this ‘unknown place’. These days, the old critical voices still come but I am better at trusting myself to just get to a dance floor and move. I have developed a little more ease with its unfolding.

And another great discovery! It comes through in my teaching. Hallelujah! My own discoveries can be of some use to others.

This is the territory I want to explore more with our willing dancers. People who are hungry, full of integrity, creative, trusting their inner voice, the niggle – the little noise inside that that say’s – well I’m doing this and that but… ‘there is something needs to shift here’…

You may not know what it is? Often you can’t describe it. How do you know when transition calls? You just know.

This is the really juicy part – what I am really beginning to learn. Transition is not about the external change. Something in this letting go is invisible. It is the internal shift. The fixed belief, attitude or attachment to how something needs to be. Something has become out-dated. Movement can loosen this holding so true letting go can happen.

Of course, every transition is different. Some may take a fast furious friction-less slide down a steep mountain. Others will take a slower, more considered scenic chairlift. It’s not about how much time you take but how you acknowledge and draw wisdom from that time.

I know that I am craving this workshop process – hungry to go little deeper into exploring this practice, testing insights, following curiosity.

This is what workshops are about.

Bring it on. I tighten my goggles.

See you in Castlemaine next week. Cool runnings!

David Juriansz
September 2016