Journal Entry 29.4.15

When I got home at the end of the workshop on Sunday night I was buzzing.

I put music on and continued dancing as I prepared some dinner.

I went to bed early but then was awake again by 1am. The energy in my body too stimulated to sleep.

In the morning I was bleary eyed but it didn’t matter because I was full of rhythm.

I hummed with my throat and through my aching muscles as well.

I traversed the same city streets I always do and greeted the same people at work, but this time with a full heart.

This is what I’ve been looking for!: the bridge between the pleasure of embodied movement and the rest of my everyday existence.

I knew it wasn’t pure adrenaline which was coursing through my veins, but rather the transformation of stuff. Ideas mainly and letting go of resistance, the opposite of which, is surrender: a word which I’ve come to treasure.

Surrender: relinquish control; let go of effort; don’t push back; relax; and find the space in doing this. And if I’m lucky, live in that space.

I was also buzzing from connection.

Connection breathes life into me.

Connection in witnessing, suspending judgement and sharing in a moment, always passing.

Being seen in movement is almost as intimate as being with a lover.

And being supported with sincere attention from a teacher is just as comforting.

Each week you plug in and connect to me. It seems so effortless the way it happens.

With words that cut through and music that moves us all together.

You stirred up some shit over the weekend and I let you.

How could I? I only know you by the way that you dance!

And yet I trusted in your knowledge and trusted that I could manage my load with what I know for myself.

The result was a shifting of energy that is mapping new patterns of understanding within me.

To the casual observer I’m not one to change very much. But I do transition.

Not with clear beginnings and endings but with knowledge that ebbs and transforms until it’s slowly shed, as the need for it falls away. Sometimes without me noticing.

Your workshop was just another part of the rich web of this collection of experience and insight. As my body continues to open I feel more and more of my dependence on the mind transforming into love.

I feel like we’re on a journey together, you, me and everyone we dance with. Move with. Learn with.

A journey of enlightened movement.

In thanks for your teachings I offer you my dance.

Renee Yerondais