Transitions happen in-between; in the moment of crossing-over and in the hanging pause between heartbeats. They can be as small as the weight shift from one foot to the other, and as catalytic as changing from one state of being to the next. Transitions are a part of life. This is the territory covered in David Juriansz’s Transitions workshop.

Back in April last year, I was rolling around in my own transitional state: settling back into my community after a long period away, finding my feet in a new job and about to step off the edge into a big renovation project years in the planning. It was a significant time, messy with emotional polyrhythms, as by turns I was elated, subdued, enthusiastic, frustrated, overwhelmed, grief-stricken, lost and found from one moment to the next.

To cap it off, on the first day of the workshop I fell and badly injured my ankle, causing crippling pain and making the literal step from one foot to the other nearly impossible! How was I going to find a way to dance with this chaos?

Trust and surrender.

Over two and a half days, David guided us from rhythm to rhythm, revealing the circular nature of the 5Rhythms map with its constant pulse from one rhythm into the next. His humour, compassion and insight revealed the moment of transition within. How to end a moment well enough to move on, and how to move on only when we are ready. And to accept that this ongoing beat is the rhythm of life.

As I danced and sobbed over my poor painful ankle, I discovered how to move when faced with apparent limitations and restrictions. How many times do we tell ourselves “I could do that, I could go there, if only it weren’t for this?” I found that by receiving support – from the floor, walls and partners – I was able to bear the weight of my hurt and to soften and dissolve my fear and overwhelm. I learned how to befriend my own story – and how to change it by moving it.

Some 18 months into my job with Moving Essence, I regularly see and feel this great potential of movement to allow change, to take a step and to move into a new state. I understand this because I have danced it. Transitions are a part of life: the key is to dance through them.