Leaving before the end.

If we leave before the end, we rob ourselves of cycle completion: beginning, middle, end. We also break the sacred contract we made on entering and generate a palpable gap that every one senses. And, maybe most important, we miss the incredible gift on the far side of discomfort. –  Bella Dreizler

When do you leave a 5Rhythms class?

When you’re “just not feeling it”? When someone else starts dancing in your favourite spot? If you see someone you’re trying to avoid? When another dancer irritates you? When the teacher starts talking? Before the Sharing Circle? After Staccato, because that’s your favourite bit? After Chaos, because you’ve danced yourself out and just want to get home? When you start crying? Or laughing?

When something has come up for you?

Sacramento-based 5Rhythms teacher Bella Dreizler has written a timely piece about leaving class before the end which we want to share with you here: http://www.bodyjoy.net/blog/-completing-a-cycle/

With Love,

David & Meredith

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