Moving Essence Crew – The inner circle that holds the outer circle


Over many years, and many workshops danced, we at Moving Essence have developed a deeper understanding of what a good workshop crew looks and feels like. We are committed to creating these opportunities in our dancing community.  Because demand for places is always greater than we have available, we have developed a crew selection process that holds this intention by being open, fair and equitable – over time.

Our ideal workshop crew is made up of a trained Crew Leader plus equal numbers of experienced and inexperienced crew. Crew places are rotated to encourage new people into this role.

This is how we create fair opportunities whilst ensuring crew consistency.

We also recognise and honour those who have chosen the 5Rhythms teaching pathway by holding a number of priority crew places for 5Rhythms Teachers in Training and 5Rhythms Sweat Spaceholders.

Being on crew means taking on additional responsibility from the moment you are offered a place.

If you are not ready to commit to this, then accept with grace that a crew place is not for you at this time.


Crew receive a 50% discount of the event cost , which we know from experience fairly represents the number of hours exchanged in service to the group. Important: In our experience, a need to save money does not always sit well with the workshop requirement for group service.

To be clear: If you are asking for a discounted place because of financial difficulty, this is not the pathway


We have all crewed on workshops and experienced first hand how crew selection is a key factor in ensuring a good workshop experience for all (crew, dancers, teachers).  There are many reasons people request a crew place.  Everyone’s circumstances are different. So we have developed this checklist and invite you to respond honestly:

I am requesting a crew place because I need:

  1. To be of service and contribute to this dance practice
  2. To be more connected to the community
  3. To learn about organising an event though practical experience
  4. To develop skills at working effectively in a team
  5. A discount place, or I can’t afford to do the workshop
  6. To do this workshop with this teacher
  7. A chance to have more access to the teacher
  8. To be in a position of authority
  9. To crew because my friend is crewing
  10. To crew for some other reasons…(Please give)

Please send us an email listing your 3 main reasons for wanting to crew, in order of importance to you:

It’s OK to add other reasons. What is important is that you are HONEST AND CLEAR with your responses.

We can then select a crew in a way that is fair and equitable and ‘share’ the opportunities.

What we will do:

  1. Acknowledge your email
  2. Let you know if we can offer you a crew place no later than 1 week after the workshop cut off date (listed below)
  3. If you are offered a crew place, we will ask you to sign a Letter of Agreement and to pay your fee in full within 7 days
  4. If you are not offered a crew place on this occasion, we’ll keep you on a register with the date you last requested to crew

Please know that there are other pathways to involvement with 5Rhythms events in Australia. Talk to us about your intentions and we will try to find another way to assist you.

Crew Selection Cut Off Dates for upcoming Workshops:

More Than This – 4 October 2017

Journey Into Trance – 9 November 2017