There is one saying – a piece of wisdom I wish I lived by more often.

That we tend to ‘overestimate what we can achieve in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in a decade’.

This is a picture of Meredith and I in the share house we lived in for 7 years in London. Before leaving, our housemate at the time (wisely) suggested we get photos in different parts of the house so we wouldn’t forget how it looked. Taken in the kitchen, where so many cups of tea were drunk and much dreaming took place this image is now 15 years old.

I can’t believe what has been achieved in that decade and a half since we returned home. It is incredible and truly underestimated. Yet I know sometime in the next few days I’ll be rushing around and castigating myself for ‘what I haven’t done yet’ or another wasted morning.

Humans are foolish creatures eh?

I’m calling in a more reflective, reminiscent space now, as in the next fortnight we prepare to pack up and take a break from our routine here. A break from Moving Essence classes, our other work responsibilities, family, school, local friends…

…to go back to London.

So as we start to prepare and pack, I dug out the photos from then – packing to leave London. I was reluctant to leave of course. Resisting change, not wanting to let go of all we had created there.

Things were just starting to click for us – with dance, with music with friends and feeling at home in London. I remember asking myself – how can we leave all this behind? Go back home – and start again?

Meredith (as always) was the driving force for change. Two things I recall were strong in her convincing me to return – the biological clock ticking and her strong desire to come home and start a weekly 5Rhythms practice.

History has shown me, we did let go. We did leave that London life behind. We did start again..

Meredith did start her weekly group. Plus the kids came along too.

15 years later so much has changed. Now there are other teachers who can cover our classes so we CAN take a break!

En route to London we will go via Byron – to attend Homegrown – the first locally organised gathering of 5Rhythms teachers on Aussie soil.

There are now 18 teachers of 5Rhythms in this country and another 8 Sweat Spaceholders plus more on the training path. There are more if you include the surrounding region – Asia, NZ etc.

Plus numerous other dance practices – many inspired by Gabrielle Roth’s work. Conscious dance (as it is sometimes referred to) has grown and is still growing.

Seeds planted long ago – grow in ways you can never imagine – let alone estimate!

So at the end of last week’s class – I stumbled when I told the group we were going. I began to realize, that even though this is just a “little letting go” (we’re coming back this time) it’s still hard.

It’s hard to let go of something you love. Something so beautiful that we both care so much about, that we have nurtured with care week after week after week. Now with so much help, and so many amazing dancers it feels even more precious because the love is shared.

But we have to let go – its part of the practice…

Teaching the Wave weekly – I find myself offering the group different perspectives, tales, and movement to embody chaos. Letting go is the ultimate chaos dance.

Let go of what you didn’t achieve today.

Every time you say goodbye you practice dying a little. Let go.

Stephanie Dowrick writes that we just need to practice letting go, holding on is not difficult – so we don’t need to practice this.

Remarkably, on this trip – we can go back to the old house! One of our original housemates still lives there so we claimed ‘share-house ancestry’ and will stay for a night. It will be a strange experience – but one we think will be good for the kids to learn that their boring old 5Rdance-parents once lived an irresponsible bohemian life.

We can compare our photos, our memories of the home we left behind, with what it is now.

Do the dance of the ‘imagined life’ – the life we could have led if we had stayed?

I look forward to this so much – such precious learning. How letting go is essential to keep us fresh, alive and remind us why we hold on. Who matters? What is important? What we value.

So that’s our practice. LLG. A “little-letting go”. Just a couple more dances and then we’ll see you in August…

I invite you to do the same. If letting go is hard for you (like it is for me) – keep shaking out your head. Just a little.

It gets easier with practice.

Meanwhile for our LLG – we’ll leave you in the capable hands of our staff – Lisa, Mark and Ella. With weekly classes to be held by 5Rhythms teachers Nat, Lucine and Kat…

With love