Where does time go?

This was the last family photo we took, in Venice, the day before we flew home in August. For a big part of this year, so much effort and attention went into preparing to go away on a big overseas adventure, then you actually go away and then for a while it’s all about coming back. It all adds up to a long period of time.

But then a month later, one day you just wake up and…nothing is special. No more jet lag to talk about, no photos to edit or show people, no one asks about your trip. It’s over. You are no longer ‘back from being away’ you are just here as if you never left and you can hardly remember what it was like to be the person in that sunny shot, as the routine of life stacks up to make it’s daily impression on you.

So…how long do you have to wait before it’s acceptable to say “I need a holiday!’

Only joking! It’s really good to be home in Woodend and despite getting the tail end of Winter’s sting and a lurgie to boot Meredith and I are generally feeling refreshed and revived. Good to be back in the groove – enjoying dancing and offering our weekly classes. Thanks to Lisa, Mark, Ella, Spaceholders, crew, installation artists – all the folk working with us to bring you 5Rhythms classes every week in several locations.

As my Transition’s workshop approaches next week – I am getting excited. So this Moving Dialogue includes 2 pieces of writing about transition to either entice you, or get you in the zone. My piece explores the internal terrain of transition and Rene writes from the heart about her experience doing the workshop last year.

Hope you enjoy the change of season and hope we’ll see you on the dance floor soon.