Home Grown is a gathering of 5Rhythms teachers from around Australia. We’ve never had a gathering like this before so it feels like a real treat.

For years we have been connecting infrequently around workshop events and sharing how things are, asking questions. Sometimes it’s on face book, other times an email or a phone call. The prevailing need is often…I’d love to come dance in your space!

Kat, Geash and Belle (AKA the KGB) have been doing most of the organising and helping us get clear about what this is going to look like. Quite a process! Early on there was the idea of create a 5Rhyhms festival and all collaborating to hold event after event after event…People dancing with different flavours session after session

But as we went deeper we soon found that what we share in common is holding space for others to dance. Week after week – holding intention around a practice and working in such a fluid and dynamic field often leaves one yearning for connection and support. It can feel like a lonely road sometimes.

In any profession, you yearn for peer-peer learning. But typically, after one class – your attention goes into what is ‘the next thing in the diary’. Promotion. Planning. Attending to individual or group needs.

So eventually, for this first gathering we agreed that what we needed to do was hold space for each other, listen, learn and grow together as a teaching community. The theme is Diversity in Unity. And I’m sure we’ll talk about organising this 5Rhythms festival some time in the future!

But there is ONE public offering! Meredith will hold a 3-hour open dance on Friday 17th June from 7pm -10pm with all of us in the space. We don’t expect many will fly north for this, but if you know friends up in the beautiful shire – please, let them know.

Meredith was nominated to lead this session as a pioneer of 5Rhythms in Australia. She has this to say about it:

I am so thrilled that the seed of Gabrielle’s work is sprouting in new, beautiful ways. Homegrown is a landmark event for 5Rhythms in Australia. After many years of a very gradual growth of teachers in this huge land; from 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, to 8, we now in 2016 have 18 teachers and 7 Sweat SpaceHolders offering their rich experience of the 5Rhythms in many different parts of Australia. We have come of age, and we are coming together.

I am honoured to be part of the team holding the Homegrown Open night. I will be offering a deep dance to journey with your wildly unique being and to honour your mysterious connection to life. Whether teacher, devoted student, newbie or veteran … you are welcome.

If you want to attend the Open Night – book here:

Looking forward to this exciting new beginning.