Small steps

One small step for a dancer.
One giant leap for 5Rhythms.

Thank you for your Attention and Awareness in April.

Tonight we begin Maintenance in May.

Dancing into the Rhythm of stillness. Both the end point of the Wave and the beginning of every journey.

Everything is created twice.
Once in the world.

But before Neil Armstrong took that ‘Giant Leap for Mankind’
Someone, somewhere had to stare up at the moon and think ‘wow, what would it be like to go there?’

“Probably some stoner…ha ha” – I hear Gabrielle laughing….

We had a similar dream.

‘Wow what would it be like for a weekly movement practice to be like a journey to the moon and back?’

It’s possible. With the intention and awareness we create.

That’s what we are all doing here.

We’ve been asking for your cooperation, your agreement to do some work in (outer) space. Clearing the room of unwanted clutter. Asking for water bottles to come off the stage and into little space stations in the corner

Asking for a silent entry.

Creating a soft but clear, boundary around time. The launch is in 30 minutes…

All this has been focused on the Tsunami Class because it needed it most.

In May, we invite this attention into all our classes.

Thoughts are powerful.
Intention is everything.

We need to be ready to take that step.

When you are ready to stop greeting people, say hello to yourself and take one step into the dance space.

Leave your belongings in the Community Room. Move in a space of ‘belonging’.

Switch off your mobile phone and put it away – it interferes with our navigation equipment.

If you see a friend or a group of buddies, see if you can say hello and meet without words. An ancient tribal language.

Dance intimately – fall in love with yourself. Be sensual but not sexual. Seduce yourself into movement but don’t snog. As far as meditation practices its fun and funky but it’s not a nightclub.

See if you can stay. Dance with your distraction and discomfort, it is excellent training. Like…for watching reality TV or interviews with politicians or attending uni lectures.

If you must leave early, take that step with intention. Please check in with one of our staff in the community room before you check out.

The Rhythm of stillness resonates with the emotion of compassion.

Lets hold a space of care – so we can be safe in our feistiness.

Ironically – if we take these small steps – we can make earth a better place to hang out on.

So we won’t need to go to the moon after all.

See you on the launch pad.