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Alain Allard has arrived in Australia and is offering three workshops this month. This is a very special opportunity to dance with one of the 5Rhythms Global faculty teachers. Below are some messages from those who have danced with Alain previously.

For those dedicated dancers who fall in love with Alain’s work on the floor and decide to dance more than one workshop, there is a special offer to book into a subsequent workshop at the Early Bird rate. Deep in the Wave begins tonight in Mullumbimby, check with producer Geash for availability. Unfolding Heart Matters in Sydney has some spaces available. More Than This in Melbourne is a capped workshop and has only a few spots left. You can contact Geash (Mullumbimy), Michelle (Sydney) or Lisa (Melbourne) by clicking the links below.

Deep in the Wave, Mullumbimby 3rd – 5th November:
A note from 5Rhythms teacher Geash –
This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance 5Rhythms with Alain Allard here in Mullumbimby. He will take us as deep as we are available to drop… Alain combines psycho-therapeutic, psycho-spiritual and psychological knowledge with physical movement / 5Rhythms dance and meditation to step out of cycles of emotional story lines to become more contented human beings. Beginners and experienced dancers alike… a rich way to meet ourselves, each other and the body of the practice. I don’t plan to be producing anymore international 5Rhythms teachers here until September 2018 so please do take this opportunity if you can… I look forward to sharing this weekend with you. NOT TO BE MISSED!! 
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Unfolding Heart Matters, Sydney, 10th – 12th November: 
Words from Gina Chick who has danced with Alain Allard
This is for any of my friends who are serious about transformation. If you know me, you know that I travel all over the world collecting only healing tools that work. I’m not interested in theories or ideologies or philosophies. I’m interested in what works, now, here, in the real world, in my body, and in other people’s bodies. I’m interested in how we can bring home the lost and stuck parts of ourselves, to feel whole and connected and in our power, today. I’m interested in dancing with capital R Reality.
This workshop has me so ridiculously excited I can hardly stand it. If you are serious about transformation, please check out Alain Allard and Sarah Pitchford’s workshop this Nov 10-12. And as I have said when one of my past teachers visited; sell a kidney, steal a car, hand the kids to your mum… just go.
Alain is kind, loving, clear and firm. His insight is like some otherworldly superpower, but you actually want him to see you, because he will gently offer a place for you to take your next step without push or judgement, as if you are the only person in the whole universe. He embodies transformation with endless curiosity for the human condition.
His partner Sarah is the balance to his masculine. She also has amazing insight, and presence, and strong wisdom in her delicate bones. Between them they hold a beautiful safe space for transformation through self enquiry and movement.
In 20 years of this practice they have never before come to Australia. They may never come back. I’m having to fly to Spain to dance with Alain over the next year, which I am prepared to do, because I think he is so bloody awesome.
This may be your only chance to work with Alain.
Again, if you know me, you know I rarely give someone a rap like this.
I hope to see you on the dance floor.
Love, and loads of it,

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More Than This, Melbourne, 15th – 19th November: 
5Rhythms Teacher-in-Training Thais Sansom recently danced with Alain Allard and Sarah Pitchford, and has this to say about the experience: Husband and wife team Alain and Sarah offer and hold an incredibly safe space where deep, rich unraveling can occur. Their astute attention both towards the group and every individual person, brings an extraordinary tenderness and edgy awakening to each story. I was petrified heading into their workshop …… and came out hungry for so much more.

Having recently danced with them in More Than This, I cannot wait to participate again and be taken new to that place of raw soul. We are so lucky they are coming to Australia- make sure you don’t miss out!
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With love to your dancing feet,

All the team at Moving Essence

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