How does dancing the 5Rhythms become a journey of embodiment, embracing life and holding an inner space, externally?

Do I dance to live, or live to dance?

Can life exist without movement, or movement without life?

Are they intrinsically connected, interwoven with our breath?

The ‘Collage of Mirrors’ is a visual expression of my explorations into mirrors and ego, and an integration of what I have come to embody since dancing the 5Rhythms Mirrors® Map for the first time with Jonathan Horan in 2016. The work began as a small process to capture the present moment, and has grown into a 1.5m high vision of magical discovery, clarifying for me the experience of dance in my body. Illuminating how everything is connected within me, with you and the world.

The Mirrors experience is coming to light for me through this visual expression as I continue with this artwork, unfinished as it is. The collage reflects the changes I embody as I let go of my armour and become enlivened through all my parts. It is a pilgrimage toward wholeness. I hope that the final artwork will be completed by the end of More Than This workshop mid-November 2017.

The ‘Collage of Mirrors’ reflects both my physical and spiritual explorations. For example, the lower right corner envisages what my nervous system sometimes feels like, and is mirrored on the left lower side by what happens when its regulation occurs, and so on and so forth. Wherever your eye lands, there are transformative experiences described which are mirrored across the collage, as they have been experienced in me. These visual and physical reflections are valid and equal, and speak of my inner and outer truth.

A visual voyage around the work reflects my own experience of dancing a 5Rhythms Wave. I find I am now gravitating towards my centre, felt internally as a vortex of inner embodied breath which travels up and down to my core. The artwork is constructed from reminders of my many dances: the shattered glass fragments from my shattering experience with David in his Transitions workshop, as well as art borrowed from recycled Heartbeat workshop flyers. I have added repurposed contributions from years of art making. Also included are found objects retrieved from abandoned buildings, dried flowers preserving moments of clarity, and feathers from art installations throughout my home used in my own dance practice. Mirrors are scattered, glittering, throughout. There are a thousand moments here from a thousand dances, and I encourage you to get up close and connect with the surface. The opportunity to see yourself within this artwork is ever present.

In this same way, if you have danced with me on the dance floor or in life, you will find our connection here too. We all share this breath and exhalation as we dance and breathe and feel our heartbeats as the rhythm of our dance. You, me, us: it’s so damn intimate.

Thank you all so much for contributing to this artwork, either via witnessing here and now or by being part of its foundation and expression. I, too, am a witness to this journey.

I hope that by sharing this with you – my dance community – that ‘The Collage of Mirrors’ inspires you to deepen your own journey and share the essential and myriad of expressions unique only to you. Also, that it may create the opportunity for everyone to connect, share, open and explore their own journeys with this great mystery of life, dance and the universal source that we all move to.

With love and thanks