Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?       Gabrielle Roth

Gabrielle’s wise words have underpinned so much of what we do in Moving Essence. This April, we are refreshing the Tuesday Tunsami?

What’s this all about?

It may surprise people to know that Meredith and I are approaching our 13th year of offering a weekly class. This weekly group is 6 months older than our first-born daughter Ella.

It has been my pleasure to be the main teacher holding this space over the last 5 years. My good wife reminds me she started all this – homage to her and all my teachers.

Those who dance with me regularly will know that I hold a deep love and gratitude for the 5Rhythms practice but also like to take a humorous approach to offering it. I have no choice – I am a highly evolved, deeply flawed human being.

So I hope you will read this with understanding as I call on you to help us take this group, our shared work to the next level. This is less critique and more challenge. Not so much a dialogue about what we have been doing wrong but what is possible if we really tune in. It’s mainly about how I, we, all of us can do better with what we have.

For a moment, imagine the Tuesday Tsunami group as a nearly 13 year-old child? A free-spirited, wild and excitable ‘screenager’ about to go to High School. Ready for a change of environment. Ready to walk to the bus, get her own phone….maybe (soon) be allowed to use Facebook. This is another phase of growing up.

OMG this is gonna happen for Ella so soon, writing this gives me shivers. OK, brief anxiety attack over – back to the group…

This is growth. And along the way, development of an identity…

What is the identity of this group? Its wild, crazy wild sometimes… It’s creative. It’s connecting? Is it conscious?

Ah that word…still feels like a new term to me. A term that hardly existed back in the old days when bodywork meant ‘panel beating’ for your car. Now I learn that supposedly 5Rhythms is part of ‘conscious dance’ and we belong to a ‘conscious community’.

Personally I find it hard to refer to the Tsunami Class as ‘conscious’ if I experience people videoing other dancers, folk texting at the back of the hall when in stillness, people coming late (after a half hour ‘soft entry’) and banging on the doors. The list goes on…reports of unwanted sexual approaches during a class, a couple snogging oblivious to a lyrical group swirling past them and then theres that Kathmandu water bottle parked right above an artistic installation?

Maybe you’ve heard this before…‘well we are conscious – but the group is spoilt by a few unconscious others’.

I’m not buying that either.

Ben Lee, you are so right – ‘we’re all in this together’.

So after much deliberation about how, what and when, this month we begin. Awareness and Attention in April is a new beginning. A first day at a new school of awareness in movement, recognising that we are already well schooled.

Meredith and I take 100% responsibility for how the Tsunami has formed and re-communicating our desire for a new culture for this group. It begins here, but we need your support. Our aim is to provide a clearer container with stronger boundaries. We are backed up by a supportive staff and crew…These words and the classes that follow are an invitation to climb on board.

Sometimes at the end of a big Tuesday night I feel the energy in the room and it’s magical. Authenticity, truth, beauty, and respect are the words that spring to mind. Phillip captured such a moment when he made my video story. I pick up the mic and then pull back, a moment where there is nothing I need to do or say – just sit back and feel.

Like a perfect sunset…

But these moments are made. We make them together. It is up to us – to make the day that precedes this moment.

Can conscious dance change the world! You bet it can! But dancing alone is not enough. It requires Attention and Awareness.

We are an intelligent, creative community. We have many talents and I believe dancing together we heal, come alive and go out into the world to help make it a kinder, more humane place?

So lets begin by bringing this to our wild weekly class.

Thank you for a beautiful beginning last Tuesday. The second installment, staccato is up next.