Dear Dancing Friends,

The Tuesday Late (Tsunami) Wave… Meredith started this 5Rhythms class 14 years ago.  It’s been a big group for at least the last 8 -10 years.

It’s an amazing beast…a big, high-energy dance class.  It has been my honour to be the regular teacher – supported by an amazing team.  Most times we love it.  Other times, someone in the team gets dumped by the chaos of it all. Like any practice, however, we all continue to show up.

People sometimes ask me – how do you hold such a big group?  I normally answer in a couple of ways.

First – I acknowledge that it is the 5Rhythms practice that holds us.  We (the teachers and the staff) are in the background.

Second – the group itself does a lot of holding.  Hence the more we do the practice – the better held it is.

In honesty the hardest bit of Tuesday night is often the non-dancing part – managing the arrival and entry/exit between the Early and Late classes.

Last year we introduced Awareness and Attention in April.  Because, most things in life need our attention at some point: our work, our relationships, our finances, our health, our wardrobe…

Our spirit.

Our dance practice…

This is the Moving Essence once-yearly dance-health check.  We have been dancing, listening, observing, and gestating on some of these things for months.  Here are a few proposed changes – guided of course by the 5Rhythms map:


No more wrist stamps.  We will have two staff members at the door entry.  We will also take card payments to assist the flow into the community room.  Beep!  We’ll have someone giving information to first timers. Combo (double-dancers) can still pay in advance and avoid re-joining the Late Wave queue.  People can ease in, with the community room holding this energy.


We’re going to ring 2 bells.  Ding!

The first is at 7:40pm to remind Early Wave dancers to leave the dance space and continue their chat in the community room.  The second is at 7:50pm, which marks the opening of the doors for the Late Wave.


The hour between the Early Wave ending and the Late Wave arrival is where our team surrenders to the chaos of people movement…

So please help us.  When we ask you to ‘Let go of your baggage’, please let go of your bags, your mobile phone and your conversation, this is part of the transition into doing the practice.  To remove distraction so you can fully surrender to the dance.


By 8:30pm – when the doors to the outside world close – we are the dancing people!  A unique pop-up, sacred community – gathering to share the dance for one night only…We can drop in – be creative and feel connected.


A moment to pause and say… “Thank You” for your support.  5Rhythms is a simple and profound body of work that is practiced all over the world.  Here in Melbourne, we are proud to be part of this bigger picture.

We have revised our guidelines and invite people to read them and dialogue with us if anything needs clarification.

So if you have danced with us for 14 years, or joined us recently – please engage with us – in this month of awareness and attention.

We hope you can share our gratitude for the dance and continue to support us in respecting and holding this sacred practice.

With love

David and Meredith

and the Team

at Moving Essence