Art is not just ornamental, an enhancement of life. It is a path in itself, a way out of the predictable and conventional… a map to self discovery.

~ Gabrielle Roth





Just this week, we marked 5 years since Gabrielle Roth passed away. Teacher, dancer, theatre artist, musician and writer, she touched many with her wisdom, but these words resonate deeply in me.

In my own life, through the struggles and triumphs, I feel honestly at the centre of all this has been a fierce quest: for my own authentic creativity.  I don’t know why it has been so strong, it just has been.  It led me out of well-paid jobs that were soulless.  It made me make music that doesn’t easily fit into any genre.  To take risks.  To trust adventure over what seemed sensible.   It led me to the dance.  It is still unfolding.

When you trust something so much…this creative intelligence… you actively seek out others that resonate similarly.  Hence the inspiring communities of friends I have been privileged to be part of.

By following our artistic impulse, Meredith and I have helped to foster a creative community who shares our love of living this way.  This rich practice of 5Rhythms is a wonderful thing.  Week after week I get to turn up and witness this love of creativity in people.

One of my great joys is to hear about the creative things that are unfolding for our dancing friends off the dance floor.  Over the years the dance has been the catalyst for so many dreams and schemes, projects and posts, poems, paintings, photos – I love to hear about all of them.

One person who has really embodied this fierce creative intelligence is Summah Francis.  When we first met her, her dance was so deep and she would regularly move straight from the dance floor to her journals or sketch pads.  The dance was a complete experience for her: it seemed to be her personal relationship with divine creativity.

In the 5Rhythms Mirrors® map, we strip back the layers of ego that get in the way of our true nature – allowing our moving essence to more easily express the language of our soul – our creative self.  As we approach More Than This workshop in Melbourne, encouraging those who feel the calling of their creative intelligence to join us, it seems timely to invite Summah to share.

Summah has taken a deeply personal artistic journey, from her own Mirrors participation last year, through to dancing workshops and classes with us regularly.  In this piece she shares her process and pictures of the collage she created – 1.5 metres of multi-layered dance becomes art.

Love David

Read Summah’s words here: The Collage of Mirrors – Summah Francis