“Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth”

Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms® Founder

Moving Essence recommends these 5 most direct routes to a good night’s dancing for all:

  1. Respect time
  • Coming for the first time? Newcomers are always welcome!
  • Please come on time (or early). The doors to our classes open 10 minutes before starting.
  • We offer a generous 40 minute arrival period. Please don’t bang on doors or expect entry after this.
  • Between classes if we ring a bell this is to facilitate prompt exit to allow entry for next class.
  • Dance until the end of the Wave. If you have to leave early, please tell our staff person in the community room, so we know you are OK.


  1. Respect the space
  • Leave bags in the community room – enter the dance space quietly with a water bottle only.
  • Mobile phones must be off, or silent. Do not bring mobile phones or technology into the dance space – if you do, please expect our staff to ask you to re-locate your device to the community room.
  • Water bottles and clothing layers go behind the curtains or in the corner boxes.
  • Keep the dance space, floor and stage area (installation) clear of your belongings.
  • Please avoid wearing loose or precious jewellery or heavy perfumes.


  1. Respect yourself
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes – in winter, layers are good.
  • Dance barefoot or in clean soft shoes – socks can be slippery and unsafe.
  • Be responsible for your own wellbeing – go gently with any injuries you may have.
  • Go at a pace and intensity that you can manage.
  • Moving on the floor or in a chair is fine. Please ask staff to assist you with getting a chair if needed.


  1. Respect one another
  • Keep silence on the dancefloor – talking disturbs others.
  • This is a drug and alcohol free space.
  • Men and women – please wear a top. Singlets, crop tops, bras, “bros’ or whatever is your fashion, please do not dance bare-chested.
  • If you bump, knock or step on someone – find a way to gesture an apology.
  • Lose yourself to dance – not romance. You are joining a group process so please don’t lose yourself in long sexual engagement or kissing. ‘Keep it off the dance floor’ (or take it to the community room).
  • Dance, feel alive and express your sensuality in movement. Contact with others is welcome but don’t make sexual contact your main intention on this dance floor.
  • If you have a genuine concern with the behaviour of other dancers, please inform one of our team.


  1. Respect the practice
  • Be open to learning something new.
  • Recognise that holding clear boundaries makes it easier for everyone to really let go, have fun and go to their edge.
  • 5Rhythms is an international movement practice and a whole lot more. It may have something to offer you both on and off the dance floor.
  • Respect the teachings. They are part of the dance practice and offered with love.