Coming for the first time

You cannot get the 5Rhythms wrong.  There are no steps to learn.  Here are 5 tips to get you started in your first 5Rhythms class.

  1. Move in silence – the dance floor is not a place for chatting or talking with others. Talking distracts other dancers and the teacher and it prevents you from having a deep experience.
  2. Rather than ‘dancing steps’ imagine yourself as moving as openly and creatively as you feel to…this could look like rolling on the floor, walking with awareness through the space, rocking your hips, shape making , stretching movements, wild expressive movements… all of this and more is welcomed and possible in any class.
  3. Keep your attention with your own movement experience, track your body like you would your breath in meditation. Focusing attention on others too much can be unhelpful ( to compare is to despair)
  4. If you feel nervous, frustrated awkward or any uncomfortable feeling – find a way to turn that into movement… this is the transformative part of the practice… if you move it, it will change.
  5. If you feel challenged by the teacher, others, or the environment, take a risk and try something new with your movement.

What happens on the dance floor?

  • Most classes have a warmup/arrival time. Be patient– the teacher will bring the group together to facilitate the session
  • There will always be a diverse range of experience in the room from ‘first-timers’ to people who have danced weekly for many years. The teacher’s job is to make everyone welcome and the class accessible for these different levels of experience.
  • All classes will dance a ‘wave’ but every class is different. The teacher may focus on a theme, one rhythm, a part of the body or a particular teaching that is helpful to understanding the 5Rhythms on the dance floor or in life.

Other important things to guide your journey

  • Be responsible for your own body; stay aware of injuries and limitations.
  • Keep drinking water
  • If you remove layers when you get hot – take your stuff to the back of the room, keeping the floor clear and safe
  • Keep your eyes open to stay aware of others
  • Dance barefoot or in dance shoes only – no socks on the floor
  • Enjoy yourself! Excessive seriousness may slow you down